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  501 S. Washington Avenue 3rd Flr
Minneapolis, MN 55415  Map it! / $1 Parking

Fully EquippedFitness Studio
G-Werx® Workout Program™

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Phil Martens,Founder & Inventor
G-Werx® Machine
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G-Werx® Gym
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At 501F1T you'll experience affordable, effective and safe training in our fully equipped fitness studio. 501F1T is the Flagship Club for the innovative and one-of-a-kind group personal training program called G-Werx®. 501F1T Founder and Fitness Director, Phil Martens, developed this group weight lifting method using the incredibly versatile G-Werx® Machine which he designed and patented. You'll feel motivated, inspired and accountable working out in our G-Werx Training Program. You can also work out independently in our studio for only $49 a month with a gym membership. Guaranteed, you'll have more energy and feel great! Best of all, you can achieve the results you want. Make your fitness dreams a reality at 501F1T.

G-Werx Training is now available in South Minneapolis at 50th & Bryant. Visit www.gwerx.com for more information on our new G-Werx location!

Watch Our Club Tour and G-Werx® Program Videos:


The G-Werx Workout Program™ Delivers The Results You Want! Your Professional Certified Trainer guides you through a wide range of effective exercises. Your trainer will instruct on proper exercise technique including breathing and posture to achieve maximum results. You and your Trainer work together to set the weight resistance and exertion levels best suited for your success!

Training groups average 5-8 exercisers with a cap of 10 participants per Trainer, per session. Each workout activates different body parts thoroughly once per week to improve your strength and body tone quickly. You'll have fun training in a small group with great people achieving their goals, too. You'll receive professional, quality and attentive feedback from your Certified Trainer.

Program options include 45, 60, and 90-minute formats offered morning, lunch hour, and evening. You can purchase training packages in 4, 8 or 12-week increments which create a consistent, structured and accountable format for you. We have options for frequent travelers, for planned vacations and other scheduling conflicts.

Starting from scratch?  You may feel self-conscious about working out at a new place with new people. You may have chronic aches and pains that cause you to fear exercise but can be eliminated with our program. If that is you, you'll find our team, trainers and clients to be welcoming and supportive. We'll ease you into an effective routine to get you looking and feeling better almost immediately. Discover the amazing benefits of strength training with us.

Already fit?  We'll teach you new exercises and deliver exercise combinations to break through your personal plateaus giving you a higher level of stamina, muscle definition, athletic performance and results.

Somewhere in between?  It is time to take your fitness to a new level. You have not been able to push yourself hard enough to get the results you want. Together we can step up your program and make it work for you.

Ready to start?  We are here for you! We'll help you set up a time to try a training session risk free without any further obligation. Simply call or email us now to discuss your goals, questions and any concerns. For training times see our Program Descriptions & Schedule for more information.


At 501F1T™ we take pride in providing our clients a clean, safe and fun spirited fitness environment. We welcome everyone with any fitness experience, goal or need. We promote confidence and unsurpassed results in a friendly way. Our group strength and cardio fitness class programs create accountability with a positive and goal oriented approach. Our clients (YOU) are #1. Call or visit us today and find out for yourself how 501F1T is the premier mid-sized fitness option for you in the Twin Cities.


Our facility is top notch with spectacular skyline views of Minneapolis! Bright, well organized, fully equipped and clean - you won't find a cleaner fitness studio in town! In addition to two G-Werx training areas we have a comprehensive selection of workout machines. We have a fully equipped free weight area with squat rack, benches, leg press, smith machine, cable crossover, 5-100lb dumbbells and more.

Our cardio equipment includes recumbent bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and climbers. We also have clean locker rooms, shower facilities and provide fresh towels to our members. We are confident you'll love our facility, our programs, and our people. Best of all, unlike crowded and impersonal franchise/corporate gyms we are capping our membership to ensure we know our clients and provide the best service possible.